Southcott - Sin City: Your Bed Sheets, My Legacy

by Southcott

I'll be the sea to your vacation,
A subtle vocation,
But I handle it well,
I'll be the summer to your dress,
The one I'd love best,
If you didn't wear it where we slept,

So just let me go,
And I'll let you down,
I'm not so ambitious without you around,
If this is our last night,
In the city of lights,
Let's lock the doors, turn out the lights,
and we'll stop time,

So dance, dance with me,
Between the bed sheets.
And we can play these games for hours,
But we can't play them forever,
After I leave,
You'll only speak to my
answering machine,

All we know is,
Lust and love between,
Thieves and villains,
Sinking ceilings,
In broken down buildings.

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