A Boy. A Girl. A Dream 2018

On the night of the 2016 Presidential election, Cass, an L.A. club promoter, takes a thrilling and emotional journey with Frida, a Midwestern visitor. She challenges him to revisit his broken dreams - while he pushes her to discover hers.

A View to a Kill 1985

A newly developed microchip designed by Zorin Industries for the British Government that can survive the electromagnetic radiation caused by a nuclear explosion has landed in the hands of the KGB. James Bond must find out how and why. His suspicions soon lead him to big industry leader Max Zorin.

A Gun, a Car, a Blonde 1997

In this homage to film noir, a wheelchair bound (Jim Metzler) paraplegic fantasizes about the new blonde (Andrea Thompson), who moves into the house across from him..

A.A.A. Achille 2003

Achille, nine years old, intelligent, sympathetic, and stutterer. The parents decide to treat him and entrust him to Dr. Aglieri, who begins the therapy. Meanwhile the child knows other patients

A Man, a Woman and a Bank 1979

Two novice thieves are plotting to rob a bank in Vancouver. A photographer snaps a shot of one thief as he is carrying the bank building's blueprints. The would-be thief then begins a relationship with the photographer and attempts to retrieve the photos. Meanwhile, the thieves' plot consists of this: one man will enter the bank building after dark, while the other man sits in a van and uses a computer to unlock the building's doors. The final step involves transporting the cash to a freight ship waiting on the docks, for transportation to a money launderer in Macau.

A Woman, a Part 2017

An exhausted, workaholic actress, Anna Baskin, 44, abruptly extricates herself from a successful but mind-numbing TV role, returning to her past life in New York to reinvent herself.

A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob 1941

Steve is a shy quiet man who is an executive for a shipping firm. He meets Dot at the Opera where she had his seats and the next day she shows up as his temporary secretary. Then Coffee Cup comes to town to see Dot, his gal. When Steven is with Cecilia, everything is boring. When he is with Dot and Coffee Cup, everything is exciting and he falls for Dot. But Coffee is getting out of the Navy in a few days and he plans to marry Dot.

A Boy, a Girl and a Dog 1946

During World War II, a young boy and girl, living with their respective families in an apartment house that had restrictions against pets, adopt a lost dog and hide it in a vacant apartment, which may have been the only vacant apartment in the United States at the time this movie was being filmed. A burglar breaks in and the apartment is damaged when the dog and crook have a tussle. This blows the dog's cover, but the kids enlist him in the K-9 Corps, and the dog distinguishes himself in the WWII Italian campaign

A Family Is a Family Is a Family: A Rosie O'Donnell Celebration 2010

What is a family? Rosie O'Donnell looks at the many answers to this question in this documentary that features original songs and thoughtful kids musing on love and family. The show provides a less than moving portrait of the remarkable diversity of so called families today, including same-sex parents, mixed-heritage families, and stories of adoption. Animated songs and musical performances by kids and families spice up the festivities along with performances and recordings by artists including Ziggy Marley, Bonnie Raitt, Doris Day, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Frank Sinatra, Rosie O'Donnell and They Might Be Giants.

A.P.A.A.I 2006

In a waiting room, people exchange glances, bump into each other and become impatient with the situation before starting the dance. This film translates onto the screen the choreographed tensions between the characters, overcome by panic or madness.

A Wave, a WAC and a Marine 1944

Henny Brown, talent scout for the Margaret Ames Film Agency in Hollywood, mistakes Broadway show understudies Judy and Marian, for stars Betty and Eileen, and signs them up for movies. Margaret, furious with Henny for the blunder, fires him---but only temporarily. Another agent, Marty Allen, once married to and still in love with Margaret, signs Betty and Eileen. Henny arrives with Judy and Marian, and the nightclub manager asks Henny to emcee the show. Though he is not sure himself what they can do, Henny introduces the girls and they make a hit in a dramatic sketch. Big-time movie producer R. J. signs them to a film contract. Judy joins the WAVES, Marian the WACS and Marty the Marines and all have two weeks before induction, and that is more than long enough to shoot a Monogram musical-within-a-Monogram musical and have a few days to spare.

A Room with a View 1985

When Lucy Honeychurch and chaperon Charlotte Bartlett find themselves in Florence with rooms without views, fellow guests Mr Emerson and son George step in to remedy the situation. Meeting the Emersons could change Lucy's life forever but, once back in England, how will her experiences in Tuscany affect her marriage plans?

A hentes, a kurva és a félszemü

In Hungary's post-World War I depression era, a wanted one-eyed killer and retired gendarme lieutenant fells in love with a suicidal and disillusioned harlot. In hope of much-needed money, he seeks out one of his old cronies, a now wealthy butcher and businessman, to collect a debt. Tensions are running high as an eternal triangle is about to take shape between the butcher, the harlot and the one-eyed cutthroat.

When a Man Loves a Woman 1994

An airline pilot and his wife are forced to face the consequences of her alcoholism when her addictions threaten her life and their daughter's safety. While the woman enters detox, her husband must face the truth of his enabling behavior.

D*A*A*S Kapital 1991

DAAS Kapital is an Australian television comedy series which was written and performed by comedy trio the Doug Anthony All Stars. The show starred Paul McDermott, Tim Ferguson and Richard Fidler, along with Flacco, Michael Petroni, Bob Downe and Khym Lam. The first season of seven episodes was broadcast on Australia's ABC network in 1991. A second series was produced and went to air on the ABC in 1992. The title is a reference to the trio's acronym "DAAS" and Karl Marx's economic treatise Das Kapital. The series was aired in 18 countries including Japan, Britain, USA and Germany. The series was released on DVD on 20 March 2013 with commentary by the All Stars and a new, original song. On 13 April 2013, the All Stars reunited for a one-off show celebrating the launch of the DVD set.

A Wedding and a Murder 2018

Examine the true stories of engagements, weddings, and picture-perfect honeymoons that went from joyous celebration to untimely death. Each episode exposes a grisly homicide set against the backdrop of what appears to be wedded bliss.

A Road and a Will

A Road and a Will is a 1997 Hong Kong modern serial drama produced by TVB and starring Lawrence Cheng, Wayne Lai, Maggie Cheung Ho-yee and Cutie Mui. The series was broadcast on TVB Jade from 26 May to 20 June 1997 and was re-aired several times in June 1999, March 2004 and August 2007.


A.M.A.N., was a Greek television parody show and the natural continuation of other TV show called Comfusio that was aired by ERT3 in the early 1990s. A.M.A.N began after the death of their friend and broadcaster Antonis Pararas and the capital letters translates the word "Αντώνη Μας Άφησες Νωρίς" which means "Antoni you left us early". A.M.A.N. began in May 1997 at Mega Channel, but only 9 episodes were aired. Since October 1997 and up until 2000, the show was broadcast by ANT1 television. The hosts were Antonis Kanakis and Sotiris Kalivatsis, with a variety of supporting players, most notable Giannis Servettas. Spin-offs of the show were the series A.M.A.N. Ta Katharmata, Oi Treis Files, Haivania 3-0 and Giannis o omorfos.

a.k.a. Pablo 1984

a.k.a. Pablo is an American sitcom that aired on ABC from March to April 1984.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie 2015

In the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series, based on the beloved books by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond, we get to know Mouse, Pig, Moose, Dog and Cat and their favorite humans. When Mouse and friends get together, one thing always leads to other in the most unexpected ways. You just never know where things will end up, but you can be sure that IF Mouse and Friends go on an adventure together, THEN they will just have to have fun the whole time.

A Bit of a Do 1989

A Bit of a Do is a British comedy drama series based on the books by David Nobbs. The show starred David Jason and was aired on ITV in 1989. It was made for the ITV network by Yorkshire Television. The show was set in a fictional Yorkshire town. Each episode took place at a different social function and followed the changing lives of two families, the working-class Simcocks and the middle-class Rodenhursts, together with their respective friends, Rodney and Betty Sillitoe, and Neville Badger. The series begins with the wedding of Ted and Rita Simcock's son Paul to Laurence and Liz Rodenhurst's daughter Jenny; an event at which Ted and Liz begin an affair. The subsequent fallout from this affair forms the basis for most of the first series.

À prendre ou à laisser

À prendre ou à laisser is the French version of Deal or No Deal. It was premièred in January 2004 on TF1. It is hosted by "Arthur", the vice-president of Endemol-France and popular radio presenter. The 22 boxes represent the 22 régions of France, with each contestant coming from that region. The prizes range from €0.01 to €500,000; and include three "joke" prizes and a "joker", containing an amount determined by the number of contestants who answer the "selection-question" correctly. The "joker" is €10,000 multiplied by the number of correct answers. There has been at least one winner of the €500,000 prize, by Sabrina on 29 November 2005. However, a contestant won €620,000: a contestant eliminated all the boxes without the €1,000,000 box and a box which contains the CD. The contestant sold his box for €620,000, and he had the CD in his box. It is always considered by "l'affaire du siècle". Other factors particular to the French version is that the prize is shared with a viewer who has phoned in to enter the competition; and offers of an "échange" are fairly frequent.

A Room with a View

A Room with a View is televised adaptation of E. M. Forster's novel, A Room with a View, written by Andrew Davies. It was announced in 2006 and filmed in the summer of 2007. A Room with a View was broadcast on 4 November 2007, on ITV. Laura Mackie, ITV director of drama, has said that this adaptation "captures the spirit of Forster’s most memorable novel, but delivers it in a fresh, engaging way for a modern audience." It was the first time real-life father and son Timothy and Rafe Spall had acted together.

A Bride for a Ride 2009

A Bride for a Ride is a 2009 Hong Kong television series based on the traditional Pingtan story of the same name. Set during the prosperous Ming Dynasty of China, the drama revolves around the rich and influential Wong family and their comedic ties with Chow Man-bun, a young and handsome scholar who has a specialty in cross-dressing. To prove his worth to Wong Sau-ying, his ideal lover, he cross dresses as a beauty in a lantern festival so he can get closer to her. Sau-ying's older brother, Tiger Wong, sees Man-bun's beauty and kidnaps him home. A Bride for a Ride consists of elements of Cantonese opera. Chin Kar-lok, who stars as Tiger Wong, is also the drama's action choreographer.

A Girl Is A Gun 2017

The series follows three women (Santa Fe, Nenuphar, Vegas) living in Los Angeles who go missing, creating a wave of panic in the city. While the police suspects a serial killer is behind the disappearance, the three women have actually joined a secret guerrilla camp, "where they train to avenge the injustice of a misogynistic system that humiliates and exploits women."

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