The Fallen Idol 1948

Phillipe, the son of an ambassador in London, idolizes Baines, his father's butler, a kind of hero in the eyes of the child, whose perception changes when he accidentally discovers the secret that Baines keeps and witnesses the consequences that adults' lies can cause.

Idol's Eye

A thief unknowingly steals a blue diamond from Chicago mob boss Tony Accardo, setting off a war between the two men as they both try to keep one step ahead of the FBI.

The Matinee Idol 1928

The famous matinee idol and blackface comedian, Don Wilson, heads out of town to escape adulation. There, calling himself Harry Mann, he accidentally joins a traveling acting troupe, and falls in love with Ginger Bolivar, who runs the troupe and stars in their Civil War melodrama. Don's producer sees the play, and thinks it's a comic masterpiece, and just what Don's Broadway show needs. But when Ginger finds out she's been played for a fool, will she forgive Don?

The Idol 1966

The Idol is a 1966 British drama film directed by Daniel Petrie and starring Jennifer Jones, Michael Parks, Jennifer Hilary and Guy Doleman. A rebellious student embarks on an affair with the mother of his best friend, leading to disastrous consequences.

Amerika Idol 2009

A sweet film about a tiny village in Serbia that believes that Rocky Balboa will change their destiny and reverse 4,000 years of bad luck.

Love Live! The School Idol Movie 2015

The graduation of the third-year members means the end of μ's. However, the school director has received a letter regarding μ's, and the curtain of a new story for μ's has been raised.

The Idol Dancer 1920

A religious zealot and his nephew are thrown together on a South Seas Island with an alcoholic beach comber and a native dancer. A battle to see who will "civilize" whom ensues.

Unmasking The Idol 1988

Duncan Jax must stop the evil terrorist Scarlet Leader from acquiring nuclear bombs that could start WW3. Together with the trusty baboon, Boon, he takes on the almost impossible mission! He must steal the gold that Scarlet leader plans to use to purchase the weapons of destruction.

Be-Boy Kidnapp'n Idol 1989

Kazuya is a 16-year-old, popular idol singer who has loads of female fans. Other than rehearse or sign autographs, he plays video games with his friend Akihiko. Akihiko is more violent than sweet toward Kazuya, but he is protective of him despite the many arguments they may get into. Akihiko later on confesses his love to Kazuya.

Idol 2006

Farce about the casting of a gay actor in a gay role on a television series which had previously been played by a straight man. When the original star of a fictional gay-themed action series called "Espionage" unexpectedly dies, network executives go looking for a new actor. They cast Kerry Mitchell (Scott Victor Nelson), unknown, but also openly gay. They spin the idea of an openly gay actor playing a gay role is something new and refreshing. As Kerry gets prepared for the media onslaught, he is also hiding something which could ruin everything! Also starring Matthew Jett Schaefer and Gabrielle Docktor in this independent "mocumentary" style film co-written and co-directed by Mike Heim and Christopher Long.

Idol 1985

In 1969 a young writer decides to write an essay on a well known Polish writer, who had to leave the country in the 50's, later living, working and dying in exile. He slowly assembles the character and even the exterior appearances of his idol until his own identity tragically disappears.

Idol 1984

Official entry to the first Metro Manila Film Festival in 1984 directed by Romy Suzara and starred Rudy Fernandez, Connie Angeles, Chuckie Dreyfuss, Dencio Padilla, Ruben Rustia, Victor Bravo, Dick Israel, Robert Talabis, Philip Gamboa, Bomber Moran, and Rommel Valdez.

Russia's Idol 1915

Glimpses of Russia's doomed aristocracy - walking tall, before revolution brought them low. This World War I news item features both Tsar Nicholas himself and wartime general Grand Duke Nicholas, his first cousin once removed. Neither, in truth, was the idol of all Russia. The former would later be killed by Bolsheviks, while the latter escaped into exile - fates unknown and unknowable in 1915.

The Golden Idol 1954

Prince Ali wants the Golden Idol of Watusi and hires a ruthless hunter to get it for him. Bomba has the idol and, with the help of Commissioner Barnes, Eli, and a beautiful archeologist, he foils Ali's plans.

Idol of the Crowds 1937

Retired hockey player Johnny Hansen, in order to make money to enlarge his chicken farm, returns to the game and leads his team into the championship series. Just before the series starts, he is offered a bribe to throw the games but refuses. An attempt is made on his life which results in Bobby, the team's mascot, being injured. Written by Les Adams

Billy Idol: In Super Overdrive 2009

In Super Overdrive Live was filmed at the Congress Theater, Chicago for the US TV series Soundstage and originally broadcast in U.S. in July 2009. The show sees Billy Idol, with trademark sneer and peroxide hair very much to the fore, reunited with guitarist Steve Stevens, who played on (& sometimes co-wrote) all his 1980s hits. The tracklist runs from early Generation X favorites, through his classic solo singles and up to tracks from his most recent album, "The Devil’s Playground". Idol is a fantastic live performer who oozes onstage charisma and the audience rocks along to every minute of this mesmerizing concert. Lineup: Billy Idol (vocals); Steve Stevens (guitars); Brian Tichy (drums); Stephen McGrath (bass); Derek Sherinian (keyboards). Billy Idol delivers a dozen of his most popular tunes during the course of this Chicago concert. The setlist includes favorites such as "Dancing With Myself," "White Wedding," and "Rebel Yell."

American Idol 2002

Each year, hopeful singers from all over the country audition to be part of one of the biggest shows in American television history. Who will become the new American Idol?

Love Live! 2013

Otonokizaka High School stands on the border of three cities: Akihabara—a pop culture mecca that's evolving by the minute; Kanda—a conservative, cultured city where history and tradition reign supreme; and Jinbo—a quiet area reserved for a more mature, sophisticated population. Amidst this culture clash, the school now faces closure due to the enrollment of fewer and fewer students. With the school planning to close within three years, nine female students come together with one thing in mind—form a pop idol group to revive the school's popularity and keep it from shutting down. "In order to protect our beloved school, there's only one thing we can do... become pop stars!" Their goal is simple: Become an overnight sensation and use their nationwide media exposure to promote their school and bring in a wave of new students to the ailing area. A simple but solid plan, they figure. Naturally, they're nervous and wonder if this plan can really succeed, but for better or worse their new journey has begun...

Canadian Idol 2003

Canadian Idol was a Canadian reality television competition show which aired on CTV, based on the British show Pop Idol. The show was a competition to find the most talented young singer in Canada, and was hosted by Ben Mulroney. Jon Dore was the "roving reporter" for the first three seasons. Elena Juatco assumed the role for season four, Dave Kerr had the role in season five and Jully Black in season six. The show began with a cross-Canada tour in which singers audition in front of four judges: Jake Gold of Toronto, Sass Jordan of Montreal, Quebec, Zack Werner of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Farley Flex of Ajax, Ontario. Eventually the performers were narrowed down to 10 finalists, with each competitor performing live. Viewers had two hours following the broadcast of the show to phone in their votes for their favourite competitor. On the following night's episode, the competitor with the fewest votes was sent home. After the final two perform, viewers had more than two hours to vote. The next day, the competitor with the most votes was declared the winner. The show was taped at the John Bassett Theatre in Toronto, Ontario.

Pop Idol 2001

Pop Idol is a British television music competition which ran on ITV from 2001 to 2003. The aim of the show was to decide the best new young pop singer in the UK based on viewer voting and participation. Two series were broadcast - one in 2001-2002 and a second in 2003. Pop Idol was subsequently put on an indefinite hiatus after "Idol" judge Simon Cowell announced the launch of the The X Factor in the UK in April 2004. The show has become an international TV franchise since, spawning multiples of Idol series worldwide. In the mean time a legal dispute arose with the makers of Popstars, which eventually led to the word "Pop" being excluded from the titles of all the spin-offs, such as American Idol, Australian Idol, Indonesian Idol, New Zealand Idol, Latin American Idol and Idols.

Australian Idol 2003

Australian Idol was an Australian singing competition, which began its first season on July 2003 and ended its run in November 2009. As part of the Idol franchise, Australian Idol originated from the reality program Pop Idol, which was created by British entertainment executive Simon Fuller. Australian Idol was televised on Network Ten for all seven series, and was broadcast on Austereo Radio Network between 2005 and 2007.


Idol er et norsk TV-program på TV 2 basert på det populære britiske underholdningskonseptet Pop Idol. Hovedinnholdet i konseptet er en talentkonkurranse innen popmusikk for unge amatørsangere. Den norske versjonen av Idol ble første gang sendt i 2003. Monster Entertainment har produsert serien i samtlige sesonger. Trond Kvernstrøm produserte de to første sesongene, deretter produserte Ingvild Daae to sesonger. Sesong 3 av Idol vant Gullruten 2005 i klassen beste underholdningsprogram. Finalen i sesong fem ble sett av 1 475 000 seere, og gikk dermed inn i historien som det mest sette underholdningsprogrammet i TV 2s historie. Produsent for sesong 5 er igjen Trond Kvernstrøm og Jon Peder Olrud. Prosjektleder for TV 2 har hele tiden vært Rolf Wenell. Programmets mål er formulert i ordene «jakten på en superstjerne». I Idol inviteres vanlige mennesker til å synge i en audition i flere byer. Et panel på fire dommere inviterer noen av deltagerne til å delta videre i programmet. Deltagerne blir færre og færre ved at det gjennomføres flere sangprøver, der kun noen deltagere går videre. Etterhvert er det opp til TV-seerne å avgjøre hvem som skal gå videre, ved at de stemmer på sine favoritter ved hjelp av telefon og SMS.


Idol is a television show on the Polish television network Polsat, based on the popular British show Pop Idol. The show is a contest to determine the best young singer in Poland. It is hosted by Maciej Rock. In the show, people first audition but eventually the performers are narrowed down to 10 finalists, with each contestant performing live. There are four judges who provide critiques of each competitor's performance. Viewers have two hours following the broadcast of the show to vote via telephone and SMS for their favorite contestant. On the night's results episode, the contestant with the fewest votes is sent home. The winners of Idol were Alicja Janosz in season one, Krzysztof Zalewski in season two, Monika Brodka in season three & Maciek Silski in season four. Although never being officially cancelled, a fifth season has been delayed several times so far.

Idol stjörnuleit

Idol stjörnuleit is Iceland's version of the British reality series Pop Idol. The show allows the people of Iceland—through telephone voting—to select the winner of several televised singing contests, following the same format as Pop Idol. The show airs on Stöð 2, three seasons have been finished so far with the fourth season currently being aired. It is hosted by Jói and Simmi. The judges of Idol - Stjörnuleit seasons 1 and 2 were: ⁕Bubbi Morthens, locally renowned pop singer ⁕Sigríður Beinteinsdóttir, radio DJ in Reykjavík ⁕Þorvaldur Bjarni Þorvaldsson, #1 music producer in Iceland and guitarist for rock band Todmobile For season 3, Þorvaldur decided to leave and was replaced by 2 new judges making a total of four. ⁕Páll Óskar, Iceland's first dance artist and an openly gay activist ⁕Einar Bárðarson, entrepreneur, artist manager and songwriter After more than three years absent from Icelandic Television, Idol stjörnuleit returned for its fourth season in early 2009 with Jói and Simmi returning as hosts but with a complete new panel of judges consisting of: ⁕Björn Jörundur Friðbjörnsson, singer and actor ⁕Selma Björnsdóttir, two times representant of Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest


Idol on ruotsalainen tosi-tv-ohjelma, jota esittää TV4. Ohjelmaa on esitetty elokuusta 2004 alkaen ja siitä on tehty tähän mennessä seitsemän tuotantokautta, kahdeksas on käynnissä. Idol on yksi Ruotsin suosituimmista ohjelmista ja se perustuu brittiläiseen Pop Idoliin, joka esitettiin Britanniassa ensimmäisen kerran vuonna 2001. Ohjelma etsii Ruotsin parasta laulajaa ympäri maata käytävien koelaulujen avulla. Kilpailun kolme tuomaria valitsevat jatkoon pääsevät kilpailijat semifinaaleihin asti, mistä alkaen jatkoon pääsevät kilpailijat valitaan puhelinäänestyksen perusteella.

Pakistan Idol 2013

Pakistan Idol is a Pakistani reality-singing competition series created by Simon Fuller produced by 19 Entertainment TV Ltd. and distributed by FremantleMedia Enterprises. It first aired on Geo Entertainment on December 6, 2013. It is the 50th addition to the adaptation of Idols format based on British series by namely Pop Idol. The judges of the first season consists of country singer Hadiqa Kiani, singer/actress and comedian Bushra Ansari, and rock singer Ali Azmat. The show is hosted by television and film personality Mohib Mirza as of series first season.

American Idol 2018

The iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre is back!

Asian Idol

Asian Idol is a reality singing competition, which featured winners of Idol competitions from six Southeast and South Asian countries consisting of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam. Part of the Idol franchise, it originated from the reality program Pop Idol created by British entertainment executive Simon Fuller, which was first aired in 2001 in the United Kingdom. The first season was won by Singapore Idol Hady Mirza, who was awarded an all-expense-paid trip around the world on business class, after almost two million votes were cast. The first season was held on 15 December and 16, 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia. RCTI, was the main broadcaster, with the program shown live among participating countries.

Star Idol

Star Idol was a Singaporean televised acting competition held in 2005 and aired on MediaCorp TV Channel 8. The competition was first announced through the Internet on 11 August 2005, and elimination rounds commenced on November 2 of the same year. The programme aired weekly on Wednesdays at 8pm and ended with a two-hour grand final on March 19, 2006.

Teen Idol

Teen Idol is an Australian TV series.

Arab Idol 2011

Arab Idol is the second Idol franchise in the Arab World. The show is a contest to determine the best young singer in the Arab World.

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