Torrent 1926

A young girl and her father are kicked out of their house by a cruel noblewoman, and the girl's heart is broken when her sweetheart, the noblewoman's son, won't go to Paris with them. After becoming an opera star in Paris, the girl returns to her homeland and finds her romance with the nobleman rekindled.

Torrent 2018

A new Defense Protocol, involving an advanced AI and three highly skilled agents, is used to stop a cyber pirate/terrorist in this vivid interpretation of tech paranoia escalation.

Le Torrent 2012

It’s 1922 in the Quebec countryside, and Claudine Perreault has big plans for her son, François. He’ll enter the pries- thood so that God will forgive her for bearing a child out of wedlock. But 17-year-old François is dead set against joining the seminary. Enraged, Claudine strikes him so violently he goes deaf. After his mother’s death, François begins a different kind of relationship with a woman when he buys the wild and aloof young Amica from an Innu pedlar.

The Torrent 1921

Velma is unhappily married to Sam Patton, a millionaire roué. Aboard his yacht bound for the South Seas, Sam pays more attention to his guests than to his wife, and she flees when he attempts to force liquor on her. A sudden paralytic stroke renders him helpless, and she believes him dead. A storm comes up, and Velma is washed ashore on a desert isle. She is later joined by Lieut. Paul Mack, whose hydroplane has run out of fuel. They fall in love, but their idyll is broken when they are captured by a band of moonshiners.

Torrente 2: Mission in Marbella 2001

For this second film in the cult comedy series Torrente takes our fat police officer from Madrid to Marbella in Spain to investigate a villain’s plot to destroy the city with a missile. This James Bond style slapstick comedy became the most successful box-office film in Spanish film history beating out only the first Torrente film.

Torrente 5 2014

Crooked cop Torrente gets out of jail in the year 2018 to find a different Spain from the one he knew.

Torrente, the Dumb Arm of the Law 1998

Torrente, The Stupid Arm of The Law by Santiago Segura stars Javier Cámara as a corrupt, poor, delusional, sexist, egocentric, drunk and right-winged Madrid cop named Torrente. This over the top comedy shows Torrente on his search for heroin drug dealers and the outrageous characters he passes on his way. A cult film and one of the funniest Spanish films was the most successful box-office film.

Torrente 3: The Protector 2005

A popular and beautiful politician plans to expose the evil-doings of a multinational corporation. Hoping to silence her, the corporation's top executives decide to hire the most incompetent detective they can find to act as her bodyguard.

Torrent of Desire 1969

David (Qiao Zhuang) and Mona (Yu Qian) are a spoiled brother-and-sister duo who carelessly use the family fortune to while away their time. David's friend Hanming (Yang Fan) introduces him to the lovely Danfeng (Jenny Wu), and despite Hanming's quiet infatuation with her, David moves in quickly. David and Danfeng get married, but lasting bliss is not in the cards. Mona develops a serious case of jealousy against Danfeng for snatching her brother AND being the object of Hanming's affection. Her barbed tongue and feminine wiles prove powerful enough to sow seeds of discord among the quartet of friends and lovers. Can this wicked web of love, lust and jealousy end happily for anyone?

Torrent 1933

A primary school teacher rallies the citizens of a small town to resist the corruption of the local government and unite to build reinforcements against an oncoming flood.

Some Came Running 1958

Dave Hirsch, a writer and army veteran, returns to 1948 Parkman, Indiana, his hometown. His prosperous brother introduces him to Gwen French...

Niagara 1953

Rose Loomis and her older, gloomier husband, George, are vacationing at a cabin in Niagara Falls, N.Y. The couple befriend Polly and Ray Cutler, who are honeymooning in the area. Polly begins to suspect that something is amiss between Rose and George, and her suspicions grow when she sees Rose in the arms of other man. While Ray initially thinks Polly is overreacting, things between George and Rose soon take a shockingly dark turn.

Black Rain 2009

A reclusive scientific prodigy and three college friends find themselves in the middle of a toxic storm, when an unscrupulous business deal rains terror down on an entire county.

Torrents of Spring 1989

In 1840, a young Russian aristocrat, Dimitri Sanin, is returning home after a long tour of Europe. In Germany, he falls in love with a beautiful pastry shop girl, Gemma Rosselli, who soon starts sharing his feelings. They decide to get married and, in order to finance the wedding, Dimitri goes back to Russia to sell his family estate. Unfortunately he falls prey to a seductress, Princess Maria Nikolaevna, who pretends to be willing to buy his land to come nearer him. Now Sanin is in a fix: should he choose the pure Gemma or the evil but irresistible Maria?


Torrent is a TV show on G4 Canada, that premiered April 6, 2006, at 8pm ET/6pm PT. Torrent was originally hosted by Amber MacArthur, and later hosted by Matt Harris. The show is currently hosted by Eliza Bayne and Eric Morin. The show covers the best video podcasts and air selected clips and bits from shows such as Hak5* and commandN.

Torrente 2008

Torrente:¡un torbellino de pasiones! is a 2008 Venezuelan telenovela produced by Venevisión and distributed internationally by Venevisión International. Maritza Bustamante and Luciano D'Alessandro star as the protagonists while Anabell Rivero and Felix Loreto star as the antagonists.

Torrent~Do You Remember Me? 2013

Five former middle school classmates receive an email from a girl who was their classmate, but disappeared on a school trip 20 years ago. The email causes the five former classmates to meet once again.

TorrentFreak TV 2008

TorrentFreak TV is aimed to bring file-sharing related news in video to people who prefer everything more ‘visual’.

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