htr2b: Transformation 2012

Is all scientific research for the good of mankind? An amazing June night. A peaceful mansion surrounded by forest, where a happy family prepare for a dinner. Human guinea pigs, modified to become a real weapon escape an illegal clinic appear in the same forest. A family who has bonded instinctively together in order to protect each other from harm, or genetically altered, callous humans. Who will survive the onslaught?

Throbs at the Desk 1963

Lisa is a student, pretending the sick not to go to school. Her parents are worried about her health and call the doctor to examine her. He realizes her lies but he covers her. Soon, they fall in love and eventually get married. However, after the honeymoon she begins to yearn school and her classmates and she returns to it without saying anything to her husband. Soon, her husband begins to suspect her because of her frequent absences from home and her secret meetings with the professor seem to confirm his suspicions.

For Whom the Bell Rings 1968

The industrialist Apostolos Lampirikos is drowning in debt. All were asking borrowed, but none of the return. From this predicament is to get him his employee, Costas, with a trick. Kostas proposed to his boss ... to "commit suicide". The Lampirikos, with a large stone tied around his neck, supposedly falls overboard and the truth Kostas him and sent a photo. their accomplices to fraud, wife of Apostle Flora and his daughter Alice. Kostas closes his boss in a shack in the yard of his house, where he comes only with password hitting a bell. The supposed death of Lampiris made headlines in newspapers and creditors stop pressuring him, debtors pay and orders go much better. Finally, the "shoe Lampiris' survives. Things get complicated, however, when one supplier seeks to marry the widow Lampiris, but cunning Kostas "resurrects" Tolis wins and Alice, for the sake of which also did what he did.

Octopus Alarm 2006

Alex is intersex. Although he has XY chromosomes, his sex is ambiguous. When Alex was an infant, his mother authorised genital reassignment surgery, and he was thereafter raised female. Now Alex is an adult, and he is consumed by feelings of anger and loss. After meeting other "XY women" and doing a lot of soul-searching, he decides he wants to live as a man.

Deeper Than Yesterday 2010

After three months submerged underwater, the men have become savages. Oleg fears that losing perspective may mean losing himself.

YouShoot: HTM2

Heee's baaack! HTM was the first YouShoot guest ever and he really set the tone for the wildest series in the shoot industry. Now he comes back to survey the damage! Honky answers everything we throw at him and more as he plays a bunch of new games, like "The Mug Shot Game", "The Ho Bag", "What a Dick", "The Shit List", and even a toughman tournament game! He even answers your advice letters in "Dear Honky..." There's only one Honky Tonk Man, and he's back on the equally unique YouShoot! HTML Essential Training 2014

HTML is the programming language that powers the web. And like any language, once you master it, you can begin to create your own content, whether that's simple websites or complex web applications. This course provides an in-depth look at the essentials: the syntax of HTML and best practices for writing and editing your code. Senior staff author James Williamson reviews the structure of a typical HTML document, and shows how to section pages and format your content with HTML. Plus, learn how to create links and lists, and find out how HTML works with CSS and JavaScript to create rich, engaging user experiences. So open a text editor, watch these videos, and begin learning to author HTML the right way.

Last Night 2010

The story follows a married couple, apart for a night while the husband takes a business trip with a colleague to whom he's attracted. While he's resisting temptation, his wife encounters her past love.

Cobra 1978

Contemporary (1970s) setting doesn't improve standard melodrama involving smuggling circle. Film does have twist conclusion and some good kung fu action but also funky discotheque muzak (elevator versions of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' and 'C.H.I.P.S.' Theme!!!) and a trite 'Death Wish' plot. Dashes of Lee's 'Chinese Connection' & 'Fists Of Fury' with the classic style of the first ten minutes are the best thing about this bland actioner. (IMDb)

Death Knocks Twice 1969

When private detective Bob Martin looking for a stolen diamond necklace, he also has a clever serial killer on the trail ...

The Merry Frolics of Satan 1906

Two travellers are tormented by Satan from inn to inn and eventually experience a buggy ride through the heavens courtesy of the Devil before he takes one of them down to Hell and roasts him on a spit.

10,000 Dollars for a Massacre 1967

Django is hunting the bandit Manuel, because there's a price on his head. But when he meets Manuel, he joins his gang instead for a robbery.

Engineering an Empire 2005

Engineering an Empire is a program on The History Channel that explores the engineering and/or architectural feats that were characteristic of some of the greatest societies on this planet. It is hosted by Peter Weller, famous for his acting role as RoboCop but also a lecturer at Syracuse University, where he completed his Master's in Roman and Renaissance Art. The executive producer is Delores Gavin. The show started as a documentary about the engineering feats of Ancient Rome and later evolved into a series. It originally ran for one full season of weekly episodes.

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