Super Rhino 2009

This short begins with the star canine and his owner Penny in peril from "The Man with the Green Eye", trapped within his fortress protected by overwhelming defenses, tied up and suspended high above a bottomless pit that's surrounded by fire. So Penny's father transforms Rhino into a super hamster to save the day.

Rhinestone 1984

After a big-time country singer brags that she can turn anybody in to a country-singin' star, she's out to prove she can live up to her talk when she recruits a cab-driver as a country singer. He's scheduled to sing at a big-time NYC country night club and she puts her ample powers to work in preparing her protege.

Watch on the Rhine 1943

On the eve of World War II, the German Kurt Müller, his American-born wife Sara, and their three children, having lived in Europe for years, visit Sara's wealthy mother near Washington, DC. Kurt secretly works for the anti-Nazi resistance. A visiting Romanian count, becoming aware of this, seeks to blackmail him.

Rhino! 1964

A zoologist working to save the endangered animals of africa has problems with poachers and local tribesmen who don't understand his methods. But, with the help of the local district nurse,...

Rhino Season 2012

Kurdish-Iranian poet Sahel has just been released from a thirty-year prison sentence in Iran. Now the one thing keeping him going is the thought of finding his wife, who thinks he's been dead for over twenty years.

Tomorrow Is My Turn 1960

Le passage du Rhin (original title). Following the defeat of France by Germany during WWII, two French soldiers are taken to a German farm as forced laborers.

Mermaids and Rhinos 2018

Eight-year-old Tilda’s memories of her family as surrealistic visions come into life: the circus member ex-mermaid grandmother, the erotically overheated mother and the disappeared father whose broken heart, anger and jealousy manifest as a rhino. Tilda’s life is full of grotesque, bizarre characters hungry for love.

Rockin' Rhino 2013

Dancing is so much fun! But if you have to dance all by yourself it's only half the fun. So the little rhino needs to come up with an idea to make everyone dance with it.

Rhinoceros 1964

Based on Eugene Ionesco’s play, this is an animated film waning that by conforming to patterns and living en masse, people will become rhinoceroses.

Pont sur le Rhin 1896

Pedestrian and vehicles traffic on the Mittlere Brücke in Basel, Switzerland.

Rhinos 2012

Ingrid and Thomas are thrown together by circumstance. Despite a language barrier, they learn more about each other than they thought possible.

Rhine River 1966

In a 13-minute navigation, Nestler takes us downstream the Rhine River. The opportunity of cheap water transport kept prices of raw material down and made the Rhine one of the most important arteries of industrial transport in the world.

Rhinoceros Eyes 2004

Rhinoceros Eyes is a fantastical coming-of-age story revolving around Chep, a young, reclusive prop-house employee who falls in love with a detail-obsessed movie production designer named Fran. Fran's need for authentic props sends Chep to great and questionable lengths as he tries to satisfy her requests, and ultimately... win her heart.

Rhinoceros 1974

Originally an absurdist play by Eugene Ionesco, Rhinoceros tells the story of a French town plagued by rhinoceroses. These are not ordinary rhinoceroses, but people who have been victims of "rhinoceritis." Or is it something else entirely? But, why are they turning into rhinoceroses and what is Ionesco trying to tell us about society?

Rhino 1988

Evil poachers killing rhino’s who turn to butchering humans instead, blah, blah, blah... Deon Stewardson kills the main villain in a fight at a taxidermists workshop - impaling him on, wait for it, wait for it... a rhino horn!

Rhino Full Throttle 2013

Bruno is making his way through the city searching for its soul. Driven by his curiosity, a challenging imagination and his wild reflection on reality he is lifting the old dusty curtain on the city's crusted perception.

Otto the Rhino 2013

Topper thinks summer vacation is boring. He misses his father who is sailing the seven seas. He can't figure out Sille who's cute. And his best friend, Viggo, always has to help out his punctilious dad, Mr Lion, in the café on the first floor of the red house where Topper lives on the top floor with his mother. One day, Topper finds a magic pencil and when he draws a rhino on the wall, the drawing comes to life! While Topper and Viggo try to keep the rhino, which they name Otto, well fed with black bread and raspberry soda before it devours all the furniture, Mr Lion pleads with the local authorities to come and remove the stomping pachyderm.

Rhino 2019

Five youngsters enter the Hippo Challenge because of their skills, and this is the beginning of a friendship between them, unaware that the Hippo Challenge is designed by a big, powerful Mafia and unpredictable adventures ...

The Rhinemann Exchange 1977

During World War II, an intelligence officer is dispatched by the U.S. government to arrange an exchange in Argentina of industrial diamonds needed by the Germans for a secret gyroscope needed by the Allies.

The Rhino Orphanage 2013

Karen Trendler has successfully raised over 200 orphaned rhinos. Now she builds an orphanage, designed exclusively for the rhinos victims of poaching - a home for the rhinos that would otherwise have been left to die. Karen's leadership begins team of veterinarians, carers and surrogate mothers enhance the lives of traumatized calves. And after all the effort the team has to wait and see if the orphaned rhinos can be successfully integrated with their new families.

Flying Rhino Junior High 1998

Flying Rhino Junior High is a Canadian animated television series produced by Nelvana Limited and STV Productions. It originally aired from October 3, 1998 to January 22, 2000 on CBS Kidshow. Reruns used to be shown on Scottish Television in Scotland. Reruns returned to YTV after a four year absence in 2011. In the US, both seasons can be purchased as downloads from Amazon Instant Video, and in Scotland the first season can be watched on YouTube. The series revolved around four kids: Billy O' Toole, Marcus and Ruby Snarkus, and Lydia Lopez. The series' main antagonists are Earl P. Sidebottom, AKA The Phanthom and his rat sidekick Ratticus. Earl is a boy genius who some time before the series' beginning got a "D" grade in shop class and retreated to the school's sub-basement boiler room in shame. In there, he built a supercomputer capable of altering reality, which uses to cause chaos in the school as revenge, leaving the protagonists to stop him.

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