Nani 2012

Oscar got caught spraying graffiti. Now doing community service at a nursing home, he meets Isabel who is suffering from dementia. At 84 years old, Isabel may be a little old school, but soon the entire block is covered with her pink tag.

Super Nani 2014

The movie revolves around how an Indian woman, Bharti, who sacrifices her life for her children and husband, and yet they do not value her or her sacrifices, and they all maltreat her. Then tables turn when her grandson, Mann comes to her rescue. He gets her modeling assignments which makes her more successful than any of the family members, including her husband. Even after so much success she misses the love and affection of family members. Mann suggests her to teach everyone in the house a lesson so that they start to value her. The movie has a happy end where she reunites with her family and they learn to respect her and value the efforts she makes for keeping them happy. The moral of the movie is importance of your mother and what all she does for you. Respecting her and valuing her efforts.

Matar al Nani 1988

The story of El Nani, a juvenile delinquent from the years of the Transition, whose disappearance in a police station after an interrogation has not yet been clarified, putting the accent on the denunciation of police brutality and speculating on the outcome of the story. A story that mixes political denunciation and social chronicle of an era.

Nothing 2005

"Nothing" is a 2 minute visually inspired cocktail of animation, CG, calligraphy & photography, from an award-winning young creator Yoshitaka Takeuchi (Pridemedex Tokyo 2008, CG Art Contest / Outstanding Performance Award).

On My Way Out: The Secret Life Of Nani And Popi 2017

Roman (Popi) and Ruth (Nani) Blank have been married for 65 years, but at age 95, Roman reveals a secret that tests their seemingly invincible union, in Brandon and Skyler Gross' touching portrait of their grandparents.

Nani's Gang Leader 2019

A crime novelist is approached by a group of bereaved women to help them plot revenge against those responsible for the loss of their loved ones.

Naani 2004

An impulsive youngster, who is furious with his mother, seeks assistance from a scientist for a way to become an adult overnight. His wish is granted and he begins look like a 28-year-old man. How will he deal with the complexities of adulthood? How will his relationship with his mother evolve?

Nany Doodi 2008

تدور أحداثه حول فتاة تعمل في سرقة اجهزة المحمول، و تتورط في جريمة قتل ، فتهرب ، لتعيش في أسكندرية ، و يستعين بها أحد الرجال للعمل كمربية لستة أطفال ، دون أن يكون لديها أي خبرة بتربية الصغار، فتضطر و يبدأ تدبير لها الصغار المَقالب و المَكائد حتى تعجز عن العمل وتهرب ولكنها تنجح في نهاية المَطاف في كسب ثقتهم، و تُحولهم إلى أصدقاء لها.

Osaka Elegy 1936

Ayako becomes the mistress of her boss so she can pay her father's debt and prevent him from going to prison for embezzlement.

Kino's Journey: Life Goes On 2005

A prequel to the Kino no Tabi series, Kino is being trained by her teacher. She learns how to ride Hermes and becomes gifted with excellent marksmanship. However, her guilt revolving the real Kino is with her when she decides to set off on a journey. Shizou even directs her to Kino's real mother. All the while, Kino is becoming confused with her real identity.

Someone 2016

5 university students gather to exchange information on their job search activities. They encourage each other and post their thoughts & worries on Twitter, but behind that they have a lot on their minds. Takuto Ninomiya observes those around him. His roommate Kotaro Kamiya has a bright personality and communicates well with others. Mizuki Tanabe is Kotaro Kamiya’s ex-girlfriend. Takuto Ninomiya has feelings for his roommate's ex-girlfriend. Rika Kobayakawa is determined to land a job. Takayoshi Miyamoto is critical of job-seeking activities, but he later tries to get a job.

The Domain: The Naniwa Story 1965

Second film of Makino's Nihon Kyokakuden series set in Osaka's harbor. The series also known as "The Domain" Each a stand alone film in it's own, none are connected other than starring the famous Ken Takakura as the main Character. This story begins with Ken Takakura's character coming to Osaka after his brother's death. Another exciting yakuza story with superb yakuza action!!

Cycling Chronicles: Landscapes the Boy Saw 2004

Veteran filmmaker Koji Wakamatsu delivers a surprisingly lyrical yet piercing critique of Japanese society and history in Cycling Chronicles. Wakamatsu has long been driven by a sense of political and social outrage, and a sympathy for those who have been marginalized or suppressed by dominant history and institutions. Inspired by a true story of a teenager who killed his mother and then cycled aimlessly from Tokyo to Aomori, Wakamatsu shows his protagonist (a largely wordless, engaging performance by youngster Emoto) biking through beautiful landscapes but discovering the ugly side of Japanese history as he is propelled towards his own catharsis.

What Made Her Do It? 1930

"What Made Her Do It?", which was based upon a popular Shingeki play is regarded as important as representing the "keiko eiga" or "tendency film". It portrays the oppression by a capitalist society of the unfortunate Sumiko, who is finally driven by desperation to commit arson.

What Did You Eat Yesterday? 2019

Kakei Shiro is a lawyer who works at a small law firm. He is a good cook and a meticulous and thrifty person who keeps the monthly food budget to 25,000 yen. Shiro’s daily routine is to leave work on time and head to a discount supermarket nearby. His partner Yabuki Kenji is the affable hairdresser. The two of them share a two-bedroom apartment and the finer points of two men living together comes up at the dining table every day.

I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying 2014

Kaoru is an office lady you can find anywhere, serious and works diligently, but her husband is a super otaku and more-or-less a NEET. She is caught up in one of her husband's whims one day or the subject of his concerns other, but the two are so close that it's embarrassing to even watch them!

La Nany

The Nany is a Chilean sitcom based on the U.S. TV series The Nanny. It was issued from 2005 to March 2006, when it was followed by the Chilean version of Married... with Children.

WorldEnd: What are you doing at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? 2017

The fleeting and sad story about little girls known as fairy weapons and an associate hero that survived. This is a world after it was attacked by unidentified monsters known as beasts and many of the species in the world, including humans, had been destroyed. The species that had managed to survived left the ground and were living on a floating island called Regal Ele. Willem Kmetsch wakes up above the clouds 500 years later and couldn’t protect the ones who he wanted to protect. Actually, he was living in despair because he was the only survivor.

Who Do You Think You Are? 1998

While working in the leisurely atmosphere at a food company's factory, Futaro is asked to return to their corporate headquarters by his good friend. Unfortunately, he finds himself assistant to Izumi, a highly demanding expert on Italian food culture. Futaro gets off to a rocky start with his new female boss, and always seems to be saying or doing the wrong thing. He also doesn't seem to be particularly suited to his new position on the Italian Restaurant Project, considering he doesn't even like tomatoes! But Futaro may still have a few tricks left up his sleeve that he can use to win over Izumi and find success in his new job.

We're Millennials. Got a problem? 2016

Drama series depicts the lives of three men born in 1987 and oppose irrational things of the world through work, love and friendship. The men are from the Yutori generation when the Japanese government reformed the education system emphasizing a pressure-free environment referred to as Yutori education.

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