Pengantin Malam 2014

Maya has lost her memory due to a road accident where she had unintentionally ran over a girl named Laila.The girl then dies and scary occurrences start taking place in Maya's life.

Mengejar Malam Pertama 2014

Doni often changes partner. So his ask him to get . Suggested by Bang Jon, chicken noodle hawker, Doni organizes an audition to find a wife. None of the candidates are chosen. Unintentionally, he meets with at a hospital. It turns out that is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Broto, friends of Doni’s . Doni and Gsyta finally get . Doni approves his parents arranged match with one personal reason: sex. Unfortunately, the much expected fails just because something trivial. There are many things that make the kept pending: the neighbor's house is on fire, the bed collaps, wrong drug consumption, in-laws who nag, until ’s menstruation. Obsession of the makes Doni discover the meaning of a marriage, which was not just sex.

Pact with the Forces of Darkness 1991

Tragedy strikes when a group of thugs slaughter two children and their mother and father. Then, out of nowhere, a ghost of a sinister, thuggish looking man appears and walks toward the woman's body. Later, a couple moves into the house and encounters the ghosts of the two children. Even worse, the murdered woman, possessed by the evil male spirit, has returned as a ghost/zombie who can invade people's dreams and kill them. She has a glove just like Freddy Krueger and she makes use of it quite frequently. She seeks out those who killed her and her family, taking vengeance on them. But, eventually, she must be stopped, and that falls to a good priestess who must also face the male spirit within the woman. (

Gadis Malam 1993

After her parents divorce, Prita (Kiki Fatmala) survives an attempted sexual assault by her uncle only to lose her virginity when her cousin decides to rape her instead. She then moves on to a job at a night club and has a massively screwed up love life that includes an affair with a married man and his son.

Night Virgin 1974

The bizarre Arif family usually stay holed up in their old house... for good reason! The clan includes a daughter who's nearly catatonic during the day but a nympho at night, a son who's a violent bully, other son who's a sex maniac and a psychologically abusive matriarch who's both an aunt and a stepmother to the children because she murdered her own sister and then married her brother-in-law. A psychology student who's looking into matters has his work cut out for him.

Goddess of Night 1978

A group of youths go to a jungle in West Java to hunt. Their arrival angers the witchcraft-practicing occupant of an old house. When one of the hunters accidentally shoot the witch and causes a serious injury, the old crone transforms into a beautiful woman named Dewi to get her revenge.

Damping Malam 2010

The story begins during orientation week NURAIZA successful entry into the hostel is full. It is a pride for the valley but there is little concern for KU KHALIRA who reported they had never parted with his only son was. There were disturbances in the dorm and the aim was NURAIZA. During this NURAIZA never through the horrific experience, then came the trauma itself. He never taught a prayer or verse to protect itself so it NURAIZA disorder remains uncertain and continues not only to him but also his friends that there are close to him.

Perawan Malam 1988

Three best friends are on a journey in the jungle in search for a certain medicine but in return what they had to face was the endless attacks by wild animals and haunting screams. They were actually trespassing the area and made the Vampire annoyed. One of the friends managed to plunge a nail into the nape of its neck. Without his friends knowledge of her origin they bring her back to the city.

Night Screams 1981

Beautiful Lina is gravely ill and in a coma so her husband decides to take her to a professor / supernatural researcher who has a collection of ghosts and monsters as research objects. Unfortunately, the professor’s research is tainted by his corrupt assistant so when Mrs. Lina needs blood, she is given a tainted blood transfusion which is the blood of Mrs. Kemangmang... a spirit who likes to suck human brains.

Penghujung Malam 1992

"Penghujung Malam" explores the lives of a husband and wife conflict of Razak and Sopiah. Although already married and had a daughter named Norita, Sopiah seemed to forget his responsibilities. Sopiah giddy with other guys cause Razak Sopiah bored and left and went to Indonesia.

Malam Jum'at Kliwon

Malam Jum'at Kliwon Directed by Sisworo Gautama Putra. Starring: Suzanna, Alan Nuari, Amith Abidin, Rukman Herman, Soendjoto Adibroto. Country: Indonesia Year: 1986

After the Curfew 1954

A hero of revolution returns to civilian life to find the new society very different from the ideals he fought for.

#Malam Jumat The Movie 2019

To provide a different experience to his subscribers, Ewing tries something new by exploring a playground called the Wonder Park that had been abandoned for a long time. With his team, Agan, Oji, Wingky, and Lulu, they find jacket and hat with the initials RH in the park. It is alleged that the objects belonged to a suicide person, but they does not find the body. A girl named Dinda, claims to be the sister of the owner of the jacket and hat. She is not sure that her brother committed suicide. To prove that, Dinda invites Ewing and his team to return to Wonder Park. At the second visit, they must face a more dire reality.

Lightning in the Night 1967

While trying to apprehend a robber / murderer, a detective and some other officers accidentally burn his house down and kill his son and brother-in-law. Five years later, the same detective ends up stranded in a supposed haunted village and is forced to spend the night in a house of an old lady who's actually the murder suspect's mother.

Malam Minggu Miko 2012

Malam Minggu Miko is a comedy series made by Raditya Dika, besides that he also became the main actor, producer, writer of the story as well as the director. In addition to Raditya Dika, the series also stars Ryan Adriandhy and Hadian Saputra. This series is the first comedy series in Indonesia that uses Mockumentary style. Weekly live on Kompas TV, there are two episodes in each view, each 12 minutes long.

Buletin Malam

Buletin Malam, is the first newscast containing international stories ever produced by a private television station in Indonesia. it was launched on 1 February 1991 on RCTI, Buletin Malam which was then hosted by Helmi Johannes and Desi Anwar became so popular since it had been focused on developments in the then Soviet Union with its glasnost and perestroika that ended in the country's disintegration. The newscast is a half-hour pre-midnight news program and it continues to be one of the strongest late night shows in Indonesian television industry, Buletin Malam was also carried by RCTI's then sister station SCTV and Indosiar was launhced by the international news programme's CNN World News was aired on CNN International a member of CNN. On 9 February 2009, Seputar Indonesia was revived and is the only news program on RCTI, now called Satu Seputar Indonesia. The morning news program, Nuansa Pagi was renamed Seputar Indonesia Pagi. The afternoon news program, Buletin Siang renamed Seputar Indonesia Siang. The late night news program, Buletin Malam was renamed Seputar Indonesia Malam. The main evening edition retained the Seputar Indonesia name due to the historical context.

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